Access Rights - For New Users

After creating a new user, you need to specify what access rights the user can have. 



The "User or Group" indicates who you are setting access rights for.

Select All:  By selecting "Select All" it will automatically check all of the options.

Show Contents:  This feature allows the user to see the contents of the folder.  (Tip:  This might come in handy if you a create generic folder for people to just upload and you do not want the other users to see what other users have uploaded)

Upload:  Allow user to upload files to the directory

Download:  Allows user to download files from the directory

Move/Copy:  Allows user to move or copy files from this directory to another directory the user has access to.

Delete:  Allows user to delete files in the directory.

Create:  Allows users to create directories within the directory.

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