How do I add Users?

Click on the Users tab on the left hand side.

At the top click on 'New User'


In the Modal provide a:

Display Name - This is how you will see the user in your list

Username - This is the credentials the user will use to log in

Email - The email address if you want the system to send the user a message with the credentials

* This field can be left blank if you uncheck Notify User

Password - If you leave this blank the system will auto generate a password

* To auto generate a password Notify User must be checked and a valid email provided

Once the Info is provided click on 'Next Step'


Select a Role for the new user

Administrator - This Role has access to all users and system settings

Manager - This Role can create new users but can only manage users they created. They will not see other managers or admins.

User - This Role does not have the ability to create users and cannot modify other users in the system

You can also set an expiration date for the user. Once the date is past the user will no longer be able to log in. You can extend this anytime by editing the user.

Click on 'Create User'


Once the user is created the screen will refresh back to your Users page.


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