Adding a CNAME Using Domain Direct

  1. Go to, click my account and log in to your domain.

  2. On the Domain tab, click Advanced Settings.

  3. Click Edit Zone File. Note: Do not delete the A record for "*" and "" or you will have problems later.

  4. Under CNAME, add entries for "calendar," "docs," and "start." Or any custom URL that

    you've chosen. (ex:

  5. Point each of them to


Additional information:

  1. Return to the DomainDirect control panel and click Domain Forwarding. Set it to forward all www requests to If you don't do this, someone typing in a web browser will get an error message instead of reaching any pages you have at


  2. Disable the URL Keeper feature. Note: Subdomain forwarding ‐‐ which you can set up on this page ‐‐ will still continue to work.

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