Update (01/04/2013)

Features and Bug Fixes

We have been working hard preparing for our next update. We have completed testing, and will perform the update tonight. There should be little or no downtime while our software is upgraded.

Let's take a look at the improvements!  If you have ideas or feedback on any of the above below, please let us know.

Activity Streaming

The activity page can now auto-update, allowing you to stream events as they happen. Also, we added an icon to indicate the disposition of activity; Information, Warning, or Critical.


Enable & Disable Users

There are new "Disable" and "Enable" buttons in the "Users" section that act upon selected users. You can now enable or disable one or more users by selecting them and clicking these buttons.


Quick Search by Tag

Our quick search (filter) now filters by tag and attributes as well as file name.

Link Uploads Save Attributes

writeable-link.pngA fairly new feature in SmartFile is the ability to UPLOAD files to a link. When you create a link, you have the option of making that link readable and/or writeable. Writeable links are a great way to allow end users to upload files to you (without needing a SmartFile account). Many of our users use this feature by hosting their own upload form, which posts to a writeable link.

Files uploaded to a link will now store any additional form fields as attributes. This means these upload forms can have fields like name, customer number etc. and these values will be stored as attributes on the uploaded files. The following HTML code illustrates how to create a form that targets a writeable link, and how to define fields that will be stored as attributes on the uploaded file.


<form action="http://file.ac/VargwIZTSQg/" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">
<!-- The user can select a file from their computer to upload to the link -->
<input type="file" name="file"/>
<!-- The user can provide their name, this will become an attribute within SmartFile -->
<input type="text" name="name" placeholder="Your full name"/>

Task Monitoring

delete-progress.pngLong running operations such as deleting, moving or copying files are handled by a pool of dedicated servers. The operations usually run very quickly, but sometimes (usually due to the number of files affected) they can take a long time. We have always displayed a dialog allowing you to see the operation's progress.

An operation always runs until completion. Even if the progress bar is not moving, the task is being executed. If the progress dialog is closed, even though the operation is still running, there is no way of knowing when it completed.

We have added a count at the top right that indicates how many operations are currently active.


Clicking this count will allow you to manage all active operations. You can see the progress of all operations and acknowledge them when complete.


We have additional enhancements planned for this feature which will make it even easier to manage files.

And Many More...

In addition to the above, we also resolved many issues reported by our users. Some of the notable fixes are listed below.

  • The backslash character ('\') is now allowed in paths.
  • Fixed a problem when downloading multiple files on Windows systems.
  • Some forms and dialogs were unusable after failing validation.
  • Some dialogs became unusable after unexpected usage pattern.
  • FTP server did not gracefully handle some errors.
  • Made some changes to the email From address.
  • Upload progress is now displayed for HTML4 (Internet Explorer).
  • Removed group quotas. Can no longer set a quota for a group, only individual users.
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