Update (1/18/2013)

We will be releasing another update this evening. This update includes many bug fixes. The following are a few of the improvements we have made.

  • Resolved an issue with links to FileHub directories and contents.
  • Added file type recognition for .eps files. Updated file type recognition for .exe files.
  • Video player will now use 16:9 aspect ratio where appropriate.
  • Directory creation dialog will initially focus the name field.
  • Multiple improvements and fixes within site management.
  • Added checkboxes to the activity listing, this is more consistent, and indicates the rows are selectable.

I addition to the above, we have also made changes to what is an acceptable user home directory. Administrators (users with the Administrator role) must have a home directory of Home. Such users can no longer be assigned a home directory. Managers (users with the Manager role) must have a home directory that includes the home directories of all users they manage. Users must have a home directory within their manager's home directory.

The above change prevents a scenario where a manager can be responsible for a user that has access outside the manager's home directory. This situation was rare, but caused problems for such managers as well as being a security liability.

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