Update (2/1/2013)

There will be another update tonight. More fixes and features coming your way.

  • Additional changes to our link page to better support mobile devices.
  • Modified API throttling to consider a user / ip address combo as "unique". This should prevent customers that share accounts among multiple users from hitting the throttling cap.
  • Updated API key generation procedure by adding copy to clipboard, and obscuring the password by default.
  • Fixed duplicate alerts for large file uploads. Now one alert is sent instead of one for each "chunk".
  • Fixed a problem deleting help content (deleted too much).
  • Restore deleted help content (see above) from backup.
  • Modified the User and Site API to allow quota management. No more separate API call to create a user, then a quota.
  • Fixed a number of rendering / layout issues.

In addition to the above, we are also re-introducing full text search. We have completely rebuilt this feature using a different search engine. Initially, we will be indexing files, and searching will be available in the API only. In an upcoming update, will enable advanced search through the UI.

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