Update (3/1/2013)

The past few weeks have been very sparse updates, with mostly back-end changes or small bug fixes. This week is much the same with a few notable exceptions.

  1. We have added a flash uploading engine for browsers that don't support HTML5 (Internet Explorer, we're looking at you). The main advantage to using flash is that it allows multiple files to be selected at once, whereas HTML4 does not. HTML5 capable browsers will continue to use the superior HTML5 upload engine.
  2. We have resolved problems downloading files with various reserved characters in their name (?%#&).
  3. More documentation for our API, and expanded help. We have also added formatting capabilities so that we can make help easier on the eyes.
  4. We now preserve formatting in link email messages.

We hope to bring you more meaningful updates in the weeks to come, stay tuned.

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