Update (3/15/2013)

This week's update consists mainly of bug fixes, however, we have also added some caching of common data sets to help speed up page load times. We have also overhauled some of our back end services to make them more responsive. Some of the notable changes this week are.

  • The enter key now submits all dialogs.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for most actions. We will continue to improve and document these shortcuts.
  • Support emails are now routed to a user's manager by default.
  • Access dialogs (User and Group) now list paths in "natural" order to make finding paths easier.
  • Fixed a bug in the quota indicator that caused "0 bytes / unknown" to be displayed for some users.
  • Fixed a problem adding new users when the logged in user has a quota.
  • Fixed a problem managing tags and attributes for files.
  • Some UI cleanup and beautification!

We hope you enjoy these changes. More caching and speed improvements are planned as well as additional usability improvements.

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