How do I create an Automation Rule?

Automation Rules are designed to allow Users the ability to know when a file is accessed in any way on their sites.  This also allows Administrators to monitor the traffic through their sites for a more transparent view.  The following steps are a simplistic break down of how to create an Automation Rule:

1.  Log into your site and navigate to the Automation Section.

2.  On the next screen, click on the button at the top of the screen marked "New Rule".

3.  When the New Rule window opens, you can name it whatever you would like.  The name of your rule does not determine how the rule functions, but will only be a reflection of what it does.  The "Type of Rule" section allows you to select that your rule center around a Path (File or Folder), User, or Group.

4.  Depending on what you selected in the previous menu, you have a few different options.  If you selected that your rule center around a Path, you can then select "When Any Path is..." or "When a Specific Path is...."  Selecting "When a Specific Path is...." will then allow you to navigate to a specific file or folder within your site directory.

5.  Selecting the rule type as "User" gives you a different set of options.  You can then select either "When Any User..." or "When a Specific User..."  If you select "When a Specific User...", you will then be prompted to select a user to focus on.  There are also different options for the action to be notified for.

6.  This is also the same process you would go through if you had selected "When Any Group..." or "When a Specific Group..."

7.  After you have selected what type of Rule Option and Specific Action to be notified for, You will then click on the button marked "Add New Action"  At this time, the only action available is to be notified by email.  Then click inside the next box to select which users need to be notified for this rule.  Then you can delay the rule to notify you after the time you have specified has run out.  If you choose to delay the action for 4 hours, you will be notified 4 hours after the first action triggers the rule.

8.  When you have selected all the users to be notified and determined whether you want to delay the action or not, you will click "Save Rule" at the bottom of the screen.

9.  You will then see your new rule in the list within the Automation Section of your site.  Your rule is active immediately following the click of the "Save Rule" button.




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