How do I get an SSL Certificate for my site?

SSL Certificates are used as an additional measure of security for your site.  We offer these as a feature to all of our plans starting with Business Plus.  SmartFile has an SSL Certificate in place that covers all site addresses with *, such as  If you happen to own a domain and would like to utilize this address with your SmartFile account, the following steps are going to guide you through this process.

Step 1.

Please make sure that you have purchased your domain through a respected domain registry provider such as GoDaddy or Network Solutions

Step 2.

Verify that the email address that was used in the domain registry process is still used or accessible.  This will be used in a later step.

Step 3.

Go to the SmartFile SSL Form and fill in the appropriate information.  The top line will be the current web address that you were given when you started your SmartFile subscription, such as  The second line will be a combination of the domain you own and the address you would like to have associated with your SmartFile site.  An example of this would be, or  The rest of the lines are pretty self-explanatory.

Step 4.

After you submit this form, you will receive a response from our Support Department informing you that the SSL process has begun.  You will receive updates for every step of this process from Support.

Step 5.

When our Support Staff has ordered your SSL Certificate, you will receive an email from GlobalSign.  This is the portion of the process that is important your email address used in your registry is correct and accessible.  The email you receive will ask you to approve the order for your SSL.

Step 6.

Our Support Staff will finish up the remaining steps necessary after you approve the order.  All of our SSL Certificates are scheduled for installation overnight on Thursdays.  Our cut-off for getting an SSL placed on the installation schedule, is to have the order approved by 11am EST on Thursdays.

Step 7.

Our Engineers will then install the SSL on your site overnight.  On Friday, one of our Support Staff members will contact you to relay the information necessary for you to update your CNAME record. This will be helpful in redirecting users to your specialized domain address while keeping that added layer of security.

If you should happen to have any other questions about this or anything else regarding your SmartFile account, please call 1-877-336-3453 or submit a support ticket on the SmartFile Support page.

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    omjiajith i can creat cname?

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    Donald Horvath


    I saw that you opened a ticket with the same question through our Support portal. In case you did not get the response, please refer to the following article for steps in How to create a CNAME using Yahoo Small Business: