What is the Connector Admin and How do I use it?

The new Connector Admin feature was designed to allow Administrators the ability to see the Connectors that are in place on their sites.  This also allows them to manage these connections by giving Admins access to the files Users have stored in their connected folders.  There will be two parts to this article, one for Users (on how to connect a Google Drive account) and one for Admins (on how to manage them).


For Users:

1.  Log into your account and create a folder to connect your Google Drive account to.  The name of this folder does not matter, but the one in this example will be named Google Drive for convenience.


2.  Check mark the box next to the name of the folder and then click on the heading marked "Map" in the banner that appears.


3.  In the next window, select "Google Drive" from the drop down menu and click the button marked "Configure".


4.  You will be re-directed to a Google login screen.  First, enter in the email address associated with the Google Drive account you want to connect.  Second, enter in the password.



6.  At this point, you will be asked to allow SmartFile permission to access your account offline.

7.  After allowing the access, you will be directed back to your SmartFile account.  Your newly connected Google Drive folder will be ready for use.

8.  To un-map your Google Drive account is as easy as following steps 1 thru 3, but choosing the "Unmap" button for step 3.

For the Administrators:

1.  After a user has connected their Google Drive account to your SmartFile site, you will be able to manage this folder from your Admin Settings section of your site.

2.  The next screen will be your Admin Dashboard, navigate to the left hand side of the screen and click on "Connectors".  This will expand, showing you a new option titled "Manage".  Click on this to access the list of connectors for your site.

3.  From this area, you can manage who has access to this folder, what type of access, and you can remove it from your site.

Now that Administrators have the ability to openly see what connectors each user has connected, they can monitor, manage, or restrict the traffic on their site more easily than ever before.




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